Where a dream becomes reality… Extraurbano is a structure very close to Lake Garda and A4 highway, but at the same time it is immersed in the lush green of the morainic hills. The passion for taste and style inspired the interior decorators of the wonderful environments. A new concept of space subdivision has created this pearl where you can spend unforgettable days. Interiors are furnished with taste and attention to superior quality, both in materials and design, and guarantee a pleasant and relaxing stay. The view through the large windows allows a glimpse of the solarium area and the pool for a feeling of fresh well-being spreads. The particular layout of the rooms guarantees privacy, while sharing spaces and areas, which transpire nature and quality of life too, thanks to great value materials and to furnishings amalgamated with the architectural style of the building.


To protect the relaxing atmosphere guaranteed to our guests in the facility, animals (even small pets) and guests under the age of 18 are not accepted taxably (ADULTS ONLY). Smoking is strictly prohibited in the rooms and indoors. Please note that the minimum stay is two nights in high season.


In the construction of Extraurbano, particular attention was paid to the relaxing connotation of the spaces. The time spent in a pure and uncontaminated environment, sheltered from today’s congested rhythms and sounds, guarantees a generous refreshment for body and soul. The spaces managed with wisdom and the refined but minimal furnishings, offer the luxury of simple but beautiful things. The relaxation of a well-kept garden, the peaceful lapping of the pool, the evening and night lights wisely measured, generate in the human soul an oasis of regenerating well-being, essential to overcome daily stress. The views in the structure give the eye a different perspective every time, immersed in light or shadow, the feeling is always genuine wonder for an extraordinary ambient.